Conditions of sale and delivery for

Loekken Smede og Maskinvaerksted A/S.

These conditions of sale and delivery will be used, unless something else is agreed in writing. The conditions are used no matter opposite or diverging stipulations in the buyers order or in other documents made by buyer in connection to the trade.

Force majeure

Force majeure, strike or lockout in Denmark or abroad, fire, major machine damage, lack of energy supply, war or warlike conditions in Denmark or abroad, absence or delay of raw material semi-manufacture, or other supply difficulties alike entitles us to, according to our own judgement, either complete or partially to cancel the order or to postpone it. To cancel or postpone an order does not cause any obligation to replace the loss that might be the result of it.

If an event as described above alone causes that the fulfilling of the contract is giving us larger expense, we are only obligated to fulfil the contract, if the buyer indemnify us by paying the, of us, calculated additional price.


If for some reason you are not satisfied with the goods delivered, you may return the goods to LSM Diesel - Egevej 41 - DK-9480 Løkken within 14 days from the time you have received the goods. No more than 5 days after LSM receives the goods the payment in full will be returned.


All prices are exclusive VAT. Prices can change without warning. Price lists valid from the date indicated on the list and replace all previous price lists. We are not responsible for errors in the price lists.

All prices are Ab Loekken Smede og Maskinvaerksted A/S.


All parcels are send by Postens Erhvervspakker ( Danish Post parcel service) unless other consignments are agreed. Parcels over 30 kg will be send the way we judge the best.

All shipments are shipped at the buyers account and risk.


Every agreed or informed delivery time is not binding for seller. The announced delivery time is sellers best judgement.


Buyer is obligated, at arrival of shipment, to make a make sure that there is no damage on the goods. Complains of damage found or damage which should have been found as a result of such an inspection must be reported in writing to us before 8 days after arrival of the goods.

Goods with default will be exchanged in reasonable time, unless there is an agreement of returning the goods for credit of the invoiced amount or reduction in price is agreed. We are under no circumstances obligated to give any compensation because of default.

Responsibility of products

We are not responsible for any damage made, by the sold goods, on persons, property or personal property, which might happen while the goods is owned by the buyer. We are not responsible for any damage on products, made by the buyer, or on products, in which they are part of, or for damage on persons, property or personal property, in which these products as a result of the delivery causes.

We are under no circumstances responsible for loss of income, lost profit or any other economic consequence loss.


Where nothing else is clearly indicated delivered goods must, at the latest, be paid for on the payment day printed on the invoice. If the amount is not paid in due time interests and dun fee will be added to total amount.

Ownership of goods

The ownership of the goods will remain ours until the full amount of invoice is paid. Mortgaging and reselling of goods must not happen until the hole amount is paid.


These conditions of sale and delivery are effective from 1. April 2000.